About PLIP


PLIP is based on a python command-line application. In case you plan local mass/batch processings, you may want to use this one directly. The source code can be found on PLIP on Git Hub.


Biotechnology Center TU Dresden (BIOTEC) [homepage]

Michael Schroeder group [homepage]

If you have any questions or recommendations please contact Joachim Haupt.

Citation Info

If you are using PLIP in your work, please cite:
Salentin,S. et al. PLIP: fully automated protein-ligand interaction profiler. Nucl. Acids Res. (1 July 2015) 43 (W1): W443-W447. doi: 10.1093/nar/gkv315


The Protein-Ligand Interaction Profiler (PLIP) web service is provided free of charge to the academic community and non-profit organizations in good faith without guarantees of any kind. For more information about options for commercial usage, please contact Joachim Haupt.

External Databases

Since September 2015, the PLIP web service uses the BioLiP database to mark ligands as biologically relevant. For more information see the Help page or
Jianyi Yang, Ambrish Roy, and Yang Zhang. BioLiP: a semi-manually curated database for biologically relevant ligand-protein interactions, Nucleic Acids Research, 41: D1096-D1103 (2013).


Imprint information can be found here.