MetaPPI: meta approach to predict protein-protein interaction binding site !

Based Servers:

We use the prediction results from the following servers to build up our meta prediction method:

  • ConSurf
  • InterProSurf
  • PIER
  • PPI-Pred
  • We thank the authors of ConSurf, DISIS, InterProSurf, PIER, PPI-Pred, SPPIDER and WHISCY for making their tools public.

    If you have your own tool for identification of protein-protein binding site and would like to be included into metaPPI approach, please send me an e-mail and I will be very happy about that.


    Prediction arguments:

    Please input a PDB ID: (a four-letter PDB ID, e.g. 1dwd) help
    Or upload a PDB file: help
    Please select a chain ID: help


    Please enter your email address to get the result link (optional but recommended):

    E-mail address:



    - The algorithm of metaPPI is illustrated here.
    - The server will return you the prediction results as B factor values in the returned PDB file.
    - It will take up to 20 minutes to do prediction depending on the size of your protein and the parameters you set. Please be patient ...



    If this server is useful for your work, please cite:

    Bingding Huang and Michael Schroeder(2008), Using protein binding site to improve protein-protein docking Gene, Epub 1;422(1-2):14-21. <Link>

    Contact us

    Bingding Huang(Project leader), Email:
    Zengming Zhang, Email:
    Jingna Si, Email:
    Wenhan Wang, Email:

    Report Bugs

    If you find some bugs of this server, please help us improve it by reporting bugs to <Zengming Zhang>, any help from you will be greatly appreciated!


    Funding from MOST China (grant no: 2008DFA11320) and EU 7th Framework Marie Curie Actions IRSES project (grant no: 247097) is acknowledged! Imprint.