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- Before using metaPocket, please read our help page.
- The algorithm of metaPocket is illustrated here.
- It will take up 400 seconds to find pockets depending on the size of your protein and the parameters you set. Please be patient.



If this server is useful for your work, please cite:

Zengming Zhang, Yu Li, Biaoyang Lin, Michael Schroeder and Bingding Huang (2011), Identification of cavities on protein surface using multiple computational approaches for drug binding site prediction. Bioinformatics, 27 (15): 2083-2088. link

Bingding Huang (2009), metaPocket: a meta approach to improve protein ligand binding site prediction , Omics, 13(4), 325-330 Link, PDF.

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Bingding Huang, Email: bhuang@biotec.tu-dresden.de
Zengming Zhang, Email: zmzhang@mail.systemsbiozju.org

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If you find some bugs of this server, please help us improve metaPocket by reporting bugs to Zengming Zhang, any help from you will be greatly appreciated!


Funding from Klaus Tschira Foundation, MOST China (grant no: 2008DFA11320) and EU 7th Framework Marie Curie Actions IRSES project (grant no: 247097) is kindly acknowledged!