red: Motif
violet: alpha helix
yellow: beta strand
orange: coiled structure
green: membrane embedded region not crossing the membrane (loop)
lightblue: membrane embedded region not interacting with lipids, polypeptid segment inside a beta barrel
blue: cytoplasmic side
cyan: extracellular side
burlywood: unknown
grey: chains not including the motif
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motif: G-[AIV]-[FIV]-[FV]-G
false positive rate: 67.1748%
motiflength: 5 residues
occurences in Swiss-Prot TM: 1378
occurences in Swiss-Prot GLOB: 2820
fragmentsize: 9 residues
region: Helix Core
Structural details:
PDB files links:
List of fragments:
fragment_idfragmentsizepdb_idchainstart positionstop positionsequencesecondary structure
1ar1_A_35479 residues1ar1A417425SLGAVFGIFHHHHHHHHH
1fft_A_33529 residues1fftA425433IGGVVFGCFHH-HHHHHH
1kpl_B_29249 residues1kplB257265ILGIIFGVVHHHHHHHHH
1ots_A_28779 residues1otsA257265ILGIIFGIFHHHHHHHHH
1pw4_A_25769 residues1pw4A3139FLGIFFGYAHHHHHHHHH
1y5i_C_13069 residues1y5iC5967ILGIFVGHFHHHHHHHHH
1zcd_A_24489 residues1zcdA228236LAGVIVGFFHHHHHHHHH
2gsm_A_35919 residues2gsmA425433SLGAVFGIFH-HHHHHHH
Structural alignment of the fragments:
fragments alignment
Hydrogen bonds pattern:
length 9
No conserved pattern.
Backbone torsion angles:
length 9
Sample Chart
Functional annotation:
List of enriched GO terms:
Appears across many families.
VARIANT G -> C (in GSD1B). /FTId=VAR_003185.O43826GAVFG335339
VARIANT G -> D (in GSD1B). /FTId=VAR_025601.O43826GAVFG335339
VARIANT G -> R (in HYP). /FTId=VAR_006745.P78562GVIVG575579
VARIANT G -> V (in HYP). /FTId=VAR_006746.P78562GVIVG575579
VARIANT I -> V (in strain: 487/90).Q9AGD5GIIVG265269
VARIANT V -> A (in strain: ATCC 9372).O31791GVIVG3539
residuepdb_idchainsequencestart positionstop positiondescriptioncontact chaintype
VAL1ar1AGAVFG419423Cytochrome c oxidase subunit I-likeH_HEALigand
VAL1fftAGVVFG427431Cytochrome c oxidase subunit I-likeH_HEMLigand
VAL2gsmAGAVFG427431Cytochrome c oxidase subunit I-likeH_HEALigand
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All MSDchem contact ligands:
Pfam analysis:
Most common family where the motif hits: PF00520
Family name: Ion transport protein
Percentage: 11.5%
Number of clans: 78
List of Pfam clans where the motif hits:
EGF superfamily (CL0001)
Kazal like domain (CL0005)
K-Homology (KH) domain Superfamily (CL0007)
DEAD-like superfamily (CL0008)
Immunoglobulin superfamily (CL0011)
Major Facilitator Superfamily (CL0015)
Protein kinase superfamily (CL0016)
Armadillo repeat superfamily (CL0019)
Tetratrico peptide repeat superfamily (CL0020)
Leucine Rich Repeat (CL0022)
His Kinase A (phosphoacceptor) domain (CL0025)
Multicopper oxidase-like domain (CL0026)
RNA dependent RNA polymerase (CL0027)
Phosphatase superfamily (CL0031)
Common phosphate binding-site TIM barrel superfamily (CL0036)
Class II aminoacyl-tRNA and Biotin synthetases (CL0040)
Rubredoxin-like (CL0045)
Thiolase-like Superfamily (CL0046)
Tim barrel glycosyl hydrolase superfamily (CL0058)
ATP-grasp superfamily (CL0179)
Similar motifs in the Prosite database:
The motif is novel and it doesn't overlap with any known PROSITE pattern.
Mutation Analysis:
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Uniprot Mapping:
First uniprot ids matching the motif:
A0A380NAD(P)H-quinone oxidoreductase chain 2, chloroplasticGIIVG3693734421765 4421826ndhB
A0AJN0UPF0316 protein lwe1794GVIVG75794464173lwe1794
A0B212Macrolide export ATP-binding/permease protein macBGVIFG6586624452773Bcen2424_4954
A0B8Y7UPF0290 protein Mthe_1386GIIVG59634462052Mthe_1386
A0K7S3Probable potassium transport system protein kupGVVFG31354450943Bcen2424_1799
A0KGK4Multidrug resistance protein mdtHGAVVG1451494487237AHA_0853
A0LM36Macrolide export ATP-binding/permease protein macBGIVFG6926964458875Sfum_2810
A0QHM5Lipoprotein signal peptidaseGVVVG85894529480lspA
A0RIM4L-cystine uptake protein tcyPGIIFG41454544919BALH_3843
A0RP01Macrolide export ATP-binding/permease protein macBGIVFG6186224539105CFF8240_0759
A0ZZ79NAD(P)H-quinone oxidoreductase chain 2, chloroplasticGIIVG3383424575194 4575195ndhB
A1A7K1H(+)/Cl(-) exchange transporter clcAGIIFG2592634495478yadQ
A1AAB4Cell volume regulation protein AGAIVG1261304492427ycgO
A1AF46Lysophospholipid transporter lplTGIVVG2652694492256ygeD
A1BE50Macrolide export ATP-binding/permease protein macBGIFVG2812854569333Cpha266_0622
A1BHB7Probable potassium transport system protein kupGVVFG31354571139Cpha266_1777
A1E9W8NAD(P)H-quinone oxidoreductase chain 2, chloroplasticGIIVG3383424549098 4549188ndhB
A1EA52NAD(P)H-quinone oxidoreductase chain 2, chloroplasticGIIVG3383424524956 4524963ndhB
A1JPD0Prolipoprotein diacylglyceryl transferaseGVFVG67714713624lgt
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