LIGSITEcsc is a web server for the automatic identification of pockets on protein surface using the Connolly surface and the degree of conservation!

Input methods: Help
  1. A user may upload his/her own pdbfile
  2. A user may enter a PDB code and chain ID
  3. A user may adjust the parameters
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      ( If no chain ID is given, the whole structure is considered. Separate multiple chain IDs by commas.)
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Set up the parameters:Help

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      How many pockets do you want?      
      Radius of the probe to get potential binding sites:


It will take up to 30 seconds to find pockets depending on the size of your protein and the parameters you set. Please be patient.
The algorithm of LIGSITEcsc is illustrated here.

We have developed a new web-server called metaPocket. Please visit it for more accurate ligand binding site prediction.

Want to run LIGSITEcsc locally? Get the source code here.

If you find this server useful for your work, please cite: Bingding Huang and Michael Schroeder (2006), LIGSITEcsc: predicting protein binding sites using the Connolly surface and degree of conservation, BMC structural Biology, 6:19. ( link pdf )

Bingding Huang, e-mail:, homepage.

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